What People Are Saying…

St. Croix County wants to thank you for your engaging presentation to our Leadership team. Your enthusiasm and ability to connect with your audience was a breath of fresh air. Your personal stories and understanding of what it means to be a leader through any situation really resonated with our team. You were able to engage participation and leave our leadership team with actionable steps to improve their leadership skills.

~ Human Resources Director, St. Croix County Wisconsin

For the third year in a row, we’ve partnered with Erik to provide leadership development to our emerging and seasoned leaders. He brings his passion, enthusiasm, and deep dedication for developing growth in our leaders to each and every session. It’s not only the concepts of leadership, but he teaches how to lead and that makes such an impact for our leaders. His staff is the most responsive staff I have ever worked with too! We keep booking Erik because of the demand and feedback from our membership. It is such a joy to work with Think GREAT. Thank you for bringing it every time!!

~ Director, Blue Ox Business Academy – Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Erik’s experience from the Marine Corps, being a business leader and an entrepreneur provides a level of training for first responder agencies that helps create an effective focus on leadership qualities. I have spent many years in leadership roles within private organizations and now as an Assistant Fire Chief. Erik was able to combine leadership skills that empowered our employees within the city to be an effective leader.

~ Assistant Fire Chief, City of Lakeville

I highly recommend Erik’s goal and leadership’s workshops to any business, public organization, or group that seeks to develop their people and improve operations. Erik’s training and goal formula is transformational. He is a fellow Marine and his story and training approach resonated among my recruiting Marines. No matter the success state of your organization, Erik will provide needed jolts of energy and motivation to assist leadership development in your business or team. His Marine story and life story is inspirational. During my time as a Marine Recruiting Station Commander, Erik assisted over 150 Marines develop personal goals, action plans, and made himself and the Think GREAT resources available to ensure their success. As a leader, it is important to develop your people and Erik helped me develop my Marines. His seminars provided multiple organizational benefits: it allowed the commander an opportunity to develop organizational and team leaders; the team leaders received individual feedback and developed personal plans to improve personal skill sets; my recruiting station improved measurably in performance (sales and leadership) across the five-state area we covered. If your team is good, Erik can make them GREAT! 

~ Commanding Officer, Recruiting Station – Twin Cities

Our team members, at all levels of the organization, have been universally impressed and inspired by their time with Erik. I can recommend Erik, without reservation, to anyone that is looking for ways to lead their organizations to a new level of performance and accountability. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Erik into the future.

~ Chair/CEO of Hubbard Radio

What I admire most about Erik is that he’s put many years and a lot of really hard work into creating his own methodology on leadership, planning and sales. For example, through his recent TEDx Talk, Erik delivered a fresh and positive message about Millennials, one that was long overdue! He’s doing the hard work by publicly challenging leaders to lead. To paraphrase Erik, as leaders we must offer a healthy mix of both training and development. In other words, we must challenge Millenials and offer the opportunity for growth. If we do this and then inspire them to grow they will stay and become our most loyal contributors. I speak from experience when I say it works. After listening to Erik speak we implemented a mentorship program to develop our future leaders. Several of our mentees are Millennials and are now giving back in ways we never expected. It was a breakthrough moment for all of us. I believe Erik is spot on with what’s important today. As leaders, we are charged with inspiring from the highest ethical order, while simultaneously seeking continuous improvement and growth. Erik has a proven methodology!

~ Vice President of US Bank

In the telling of his life experiences Erik Therwanger gives an incredibly moving performance. In my own life, I would find it difficult to match the positive energy and attitude of this amazing individual. Most importantly for a group of hospitality industry professionals, each of us walked away with valuable development tools for use in our career paths as well as a renewed sense of purpose for our everyday lives. I heartedly recommend engaging Erik for your group gathering. Your attendees will thank you!

~ CEO & Founder of National Concierge Association

People ask me; what is Red Cow? I reply, “a Leadership Development company that sells fine burgers, beer & wine”. A combination of Erik’s regular involvement in our Leadership Team meetings and habitual use of the Leadership Connection & G.P.S.- 90 Day Run – assisted us in achieving 323% growth over the past three years. The principles in Leadership Connection keeps our team focused, G.P.S.- 90 Day Run – keeps our actions on track and Erik assists me in course-correcting our team along the way.

~ President/Founder of Red Cow // Winner for 2016: #1 Fastest Growing Private Co. – MN

Erik is the real deal. He’s passionate about what he does, he finds the positive in every situation and helps everyone he meets to believe and work towards their potential. He does things according to a system that works, however, it’s not a cookie cutter approach. It’s always customized to enhance your strengths and to help you reach your goals. The passion and energy he has put into my company matches my own and is often greater. He has multiple skills and talents that make him quite extraordinary.

~ President of Display Sales Company

When I first heard Erik Therwanger speak, I knew I needed to learn more about his programs! Since that time, I’ve participated in his Leadership Link Program, his 4 part series on leadership and he just led our association’s strategic planning program. I can’t say enough about the impact his programs have had on me and also our association. I have never had members react to strategic planning the way they did this one. Members in attendance discussed how engaging the program was, and how they felt this was by far the most successful and productive planning event we have had in decades due to his program. It was an A+ for everyone and we believe especially during this challenging time, this program and the plan we developed will help propel our association to the next level.

~ Executive Director of Minnesota Optometric Association